Delivering Consumer Experiences
To the Internet of Everything

Imagine a world where information, content and services are available at the instant you needed it, letting you live in the moment rather than struggle with technology. At UIEvolution, we are passionate about creating connected device software that is so well designed and intuitive that using it disappears from life itself. To deliver this vision, we provide powerful cloud-based solutions to consumer focused vertical industries that offer flexibility, faster time to market, increased brand awareness and unforgettable customer experiences.


Safely deliver advanced connected vehicle solutions safely to drivers and their passengers. Our powerful end-to-end suite of automotive products help automotive OEMs, Tier 1 suppliers and content providers deliver advanced cloud-based infotainment at the speed of mobile.


Ride the wave by providing a terrific next generation passenger experience with in-room entertainment and digital signage. Our products help you create personalized messages, dynamic content and rich applications, all the while generating powerful call-to-actions.


Delight your guests with engaging in-room entertainment and digital signage designed to enhance their overall experience. Our proven platform enables complete control over brand identity while maximizing the total revenue opportunity for each local property.

Learn about UIE BlueSync, our powerful new Bluetooth Low Energy networking product for automotive infotainment.
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