Integrated Mobile, TV & Digital Signs

Smartphones have become ubiquitous in the lives of consumers, who use them as their favorite place to store personal, business, financial, and lifestyle information. In every aspect of our mobile lives, our digital experience should connect and extend – no matter where we go.

UIEvolution Consumer Engagement Products enable rich, exciting experiences that tap into the power of the smartphone and extend it to every part of the environment. Our products bring services and information to life beyond the home and provide critical user data and analytics about what the customer is experiencing. UIEvolution Consumer Engagement Products make taking a cruise or staying in a hotel personal, engaging, and exciting. We expand retail and event experiences, which become more relevant and more connected than ever before.

Personal Device


Enable and Extend

Provide easier ways to access and extend the digital lifestyle on a user’s existing device, enabling shared content on demand and personalization that can extend into their connected world. Locationaware, for relevancy and smarter targeting of information and services.

Cloud Management


Manage and Deliver

Management of content and services, user accounts, and secure media storage, on public and secure clouds. Rich content authoring, scheduling, and delivery of media to a wide variety of screens and device targets. User information and analytics updated in real time.

Public Shared Devices


Connect and Expand

Leverage device, network, and native-platform capabilities to extend mobile information and personalized
experiences, despite increasing fragmentation of mobile platforms. Deliver HTML5 experiences within a container across multiple devices.


Built for everywhere.