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It is with great pleasure to announce that we have appointed Ira Snyder as Vice President of Automotive Product Development at UIEvolution.  Mr. Snyder is based out of our Seattle iraheadquarters and will be responsible for the global development of UIEvolution’s automotive products and services.

Snyder comes to UIEvolution after 25 years at Microsoft. During his career, he helped drive products such as Windows, Mobile Windows and Automotive. At UIEvolution, Ira is responsible for leading the worldwide product development and overall roadmap for a growing automotive product organization. This will also include design, development and quality assurance.

In just five years, most cars and trucks will be connected to the Internet, according to a report from Gartner Inc.  By 2020, about 150 million vehicles will be connected via Wi-Fi, and 60% to 75% of them will be capable of consuming, creating and sharing Web-based data, the report states. Cloud Navi

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By Manabu Shimobe, UIEvolution

The constant cacophony emanating from our modern mobile devices can be a dangerous distraction when we’re driving. The alerts, notifications and need to feel connected as Ford Hackathon Nov 2014we spend time in our vehicles (nearly 14% of our lives are in a vehicle according to Arbitron) leads to frequent quick glances to our devices, taking our eyes off the road in the process. But there’s a better way.

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We are live in Munich with top connected car experts to share visions of how the connected car will look toward 2020.  tu

The Telematics Munich Conference & Exhibition is the place where our conversations are taking place today.  Jack Palmer, project director, said, “In-car connectivity continues to simplify, improve and invigorate the driving experience. The industry has reached a milestone. Connectivity is here to stay and it is enabling a paradigm shift within the industry; one that is capable of delivering new services, tech and consumer insights. The growth of the industry can be seen here in the room – it’s full to the brim, we’ve hit record numbers and the atmosphere is electrifying!”

We often read so much about the technology of digital signage that we can forget what this technology is all about — getting communication results that go above and beyond non-digital efforts.  Sure the technology is cool, but most business managers want to add value to their efforts and ultimately to their businesses. That’s why digital signs are important. EXM

Let’s get back to the basics of digital signage — specifically, why should professional communicators and managers turn to digital signage to convey their important messages? Actually, there are several reasons, including:

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UIEvolution is proud to congratulate our partner, Princess Cruises, on the celebration of their 50th Anniversary and the christening of the Regal Princess.   IMG_6213

Princess Cruises, the cruise line made famous as the backdrop of the iconic Love Boat television series, christened its new Regal Princess today with a tribute to the show as all six of the original cast members served as the ship’s godparents, and were joined by 25 of the show’s past guest stars. The star-studded Love Boat themed festivities, which also launched the line’s 50th anniversary, celebrated the role the show played in Princess Cruises’ five-decades-long history.

As connected TV gains momentum, marketers must work to keep up with the industry and embrace the medium. As consumers journey further into a screen-neutral lifestyle, with mobile, video, and tablet usage pervading daily life, another platform is quietly emerging – connected TV. This is evidence that we are approaching screen equality more rapidly every year.

We were happy to sit down with Susan Kuchinskas, Telematic Update’s reporter, at the Telematics West Coast USA 2014 Conference on October 30, 2014. Here is her write up from Day One of the  intervikewevent:

Apple and Google vs. OEMs

Should automakers give the people what they want, even if that’s Siri and iPhone apps? Or should they keep trying to wrest some of that consumer love for their own brands? Apple and Google are a fact of life in the CE world, and some automakers are giving them a warmer welcome than others.

Chris Ruff, CEO and president of UIEvolution, was on Radio Active Broadcasting Network today, talking with Hostess Karen Jagoda on multi-screen advertising and on-demand content. While the show typically focuses on discussions around political topics and advertising, Ms. Jagoda enjoys bringing UIEvolution on the show to update listeners on the latest trends regarding multi-screen solutions and advertising, developments in the connected car space and more.

Listen HERE.

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We are happy to announce today that we have been selected to present at Telematics West Coast 2014 in San Diego, California. CEO and president Chris Ruff will lead a Telematics-Eventpresentation titled “Not Your Average Mobile Device” at 2:45pm PST on October 30, 2014.