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We are proud to announce that two of our products – UIE CloudConnect™and UIE ExperienceManager™ - were chosen as finalists for CTIA’s MobITs Awards competition. Winners for the MobIT Awards, which feature the most innovative IT solutions that help companies secure their operations and improve their customers’ experience, will be announced September 10 at Super Mobility Week in Las Vegas.

UIEvolution is excited to see you this year at Super Mobility Week, powered by CTIA in Las Vegas! CTIA-Banner

Join us in exploring all things mobile  September 9-11th. In typical fashion, our calendars are filling fast for meetings, networking and fun events so be sure to call ahead to secure your time and space to speak directly with our executives! Call 425-460-0860 x812  if you’d like to schedule a meeting .

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Guest entertainment made smarter, that is UIEvolution’s UIE Experience Manager™, an industry-leading, unified platform for creating next-generation experiences for in-room entertainment, digital EXMsignage, mobile applications and tools for business management. UIE Experience Manager™ gives Enterprise customers complete control over brand identity while increasing revenue opportunities.

Our platform turns any TV into a Smart TV without purchasing expensive hardware or changing your infrastructure. Guests and customers get to have all of the access and control of a luxury TV systems no matter what brand of screen you have. To see more on what UIE Experience Manager™ can do for you, please watch our latest video.

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Cellular connections in cars offer many benefits to today’s connected drivers—from safety features like crash response to hands-free turn-by-turn navigation and the ability to collect telematics data. As more features become available on more vehicles, connectivity is becoming a sizeable market and a must-have feature for many consumers and fleet owners. Toyota Entune

ABI Research says the demand for connected vehicles will change the landscape for cellular M2M connections. In fact, the tech research firm says by 2017, OEM and aftermarket telematics will make up more than 40% of cellular M2M connections, becoming “dominant sectors” in the market.

The market for connected cars is growing rapidly, with an expected compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 41.2% between 2013 and 2018, and mobile network operators (MNOs) are connectedcar-logojumping on the opportunity for new revenue streams and enhancement of customer loyalty that comes with this growth, according to the latest report from Heavy Reading Insider (, a subscription research service from Heavy Reading(

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Chris Ruff, CEO and President of UIEvolution, gave a presentation to members of the Connected Vehicle Trade Association last fall in Michigan.  The crowd of over 200 people gave us a great reception to our presentation titled “User Interface Innovating the Driver Experience.”

Click here to watch the video.

And contact us today to learn more about how UIEvolution continues to lead the infotainment, HMI and connected car industries.

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Think the net neutrality debate is all about streaming videos? Think again. It’s actually much more than that: It’s about streaming your life. Internet connectivity might seem ubiquitous today, iotbetween the use of PCs, mobile devices, and smart TVs, but there are major swaths of daily life that aren’t connected yet that soon will become so, such as homes and cars, according to a new eMarketer report, “Key Digital Trends for Midyear 2014: The Internet of Things, Net Neutrality, and Why Marketers Need to Care.”

With guests packing an ever-growing suite of mobile devices in their suitcases, what has become of the guestroom phone? Many hardware manufacturers are turning from the idea of the phone as a standalone piece of hardware to the phone as a hub for the guest’s devices. images (4)

“The guestroom telephone is really a safety device—hotels have to have it because it’s a liability issue if they don’t,” said Joe Zhang, CEO of Bittel Americas. “But most of the guests are using their mobile devices for making calls or consuming content.”

We are live at WTIA’s Tech in Focus, where our CEO and President, Chris Ruff, is speaking to the group on the Internet of Things (IoT).  We join Microsoft, Optimum Energy and Ombitron  downloadto discuss how machine-to-machine connections have created a world in which humans and the physical world can interact in ways never before possible.

The number of in-vehicle apps in use is expected to reach 269m by 2018, a new report has predicted. The figure would represent a five fold increase on last year’s figure. The report by Juniper Research predicts that growth will be fueled by solutions like Apple’s CarPlay, which will driven in-vehicle apps and the idea of the connected car into the mainstream. App integration will be made easier as car manufacturers, content providers and automotive entertainment specialists reach standardized approaches